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DrivewayDuring the late 18th century, white settlers to the Crosby Township area were met with high resistance from Native American tribes. In 1787, the Northwest Ordinance was passed, giving the go ahead for settlement of the area. The Native American tribes were eventually defeated on August 20, 1794, and an agreement for settlement was reached with the prominent leaders of the Native American Tribes. The sale of this land was facilitated by a new land office opened in Cincinnati on April 6, 1801. In 1803, the area was named Whitewater Township. The area was divided later in 1803 and the land that would become Crosby Township was formed with over half of the original land that composed Whitewater Township. The Crosby Township area was later divided in order to form what is now Morgan and Harrison Townships.

Crosby is bounded on the south by the Great Miami and Whitewater Townships, on the west by Harrison Township, on the north by Butler County, and on the east by the Great Miami River, which separates it from Colerain Township. Its present lines begin at the point on the Great Miami where the parallel between sections twenty four and twenty-five intersects the river, west of the southwest corner of section twenty-two, north to the Butler County line, east to the Great Miami, and down that stream along its course to the place of beginning. The south line, separating this township from Whitewater, is two and three-fourths miles long, its west line four miles, and its north line six and a half miles.

Joab Comstock, a pioneer in Crosby Township emigrated from New Haven, Connecticut, in 1801. Mr. Comstock made a large entry of land, embracing several sections, and built his home about one mile and a half east of the present village of New Haven. His farm reached the bank of the Great Miami and the road to Venice in Butler County. He was the founder of the village of New Haven in 1815. Soon after his arrival, he formed Crosby Township naming it after his mother’s maiden name.

On July 21, 1997, 13.6 acres of land was given to the citizens of Crosby Township in loving memory of Beryl Vera Roever (1908-1995) by her daughter and son-in-law, Vera and Don Evans and their family. Beryl was born in Crosby Township and was a proud and dedicated member of the Senior Citizen Organization. It was the desire of the Evans family that this land be used forevermore by and for the citizens of Crosby Township for their enjoyment. Following the donation of land, the Trustees went to work planning a Senior/Community Center. The Center was completed and opened during 1999.

In October, 1999, the Crosby Township Trustees appointed a committee for the purpose of creating and constructing a Veterans’ Memorial to be located on the grounds of the Senior/Community Center. The committee chose the formation of a star in which each point would possess a monument to honor the various branches of the military services. The bricks surrounding the monuments can still be purchased today through the Senior/Community Center.

In 2005, a grant was received from Butler Rural Community Connection to add a playground to the property for the children of Crosby Township to enjoy. In 2007, the oxbow bridge was donated to the Township by William Brayshaw, Hamilton County Engineer. In 2008, an Ohio Natureworks grant was received to build a shelter, ball field and basketball court on the property. The Township residents still today enjoy the use of the entertainment facilities at no cost.