8910 Willey Road
Crosby Township, OH  45030
Hamilton County

Phone:  513.738.1440
Fax:  513.738.4310
Email:  bjackson@crosbytwp.org
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The Crosby Township Recycling drop off located behind the Crosby Fire Station at 8139 Baughman Road has been suspended due to many factors.

  • Residents subscribe directly with Rumpke for solid waste and recycling services. Rumpke no longer provides separate yard trimmings collection. Residents no longer need to use a sticker; they can set yard trimmings out with their normal garbage for collection.
  • The Township will only collect limbs on the last Saturday of each month from 8 am–12:00 pm at the Senior Center, 8910 Willey Road.
    • The limbs must be 7” or less in diameter.
  • The Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District encourages Crosby Township residents to use one of the three, free yard trimmings drop-off sites.
  • For more information, contact Crosby Township or 513-738-1440.



SENIOR CITIZENS:  The Crosby Township Senior Citizens Club meets monthly on the first Tuesday.  They are a busy group with Chair Volleyball leagues, Wii Bowling, Card Parties, Entertainment and Dinners on the town.  Follow the link to the senior page for more information.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY:  The Crosby Township Historical Society meets once a  month on the third Thursday beginning at 7:30pm.  Please follow the link to the Historical Society page to learn more about them.

  Crosby Township provides three parks with playgrounds and picnic areas. The Township Parks are maintained by the Crosby Township Maintenance Department. Pottenger Park is located on New Haven Road in New Baltimore near the intersection of New Haven and First Avenue. This park features a sheltered picnic area, basketball court, and swing set. The River Road Park is located on River Road just outside New Baltimore near the Blue Rock Road bridge. This park also features a sheltered picnic area with several swings. The Crosby Township Senior Center is also the site of a children's playground, ballfield, basketball court and shelter.

FRIENDS OF WHITEWATER SHAKER VILLAGE:  The Whitewater Shaker Village is one of 24 communal villages founded between 1787 and 1824 by the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, generally called "Shakers".  It is the only one of four Ohio Shaker villages retaining most of its original buildings in their original settings. The village is located in Crosby Township. Click HERE to go to the Home Page of their website.
CEMETERIES:  Crosby Township is the location and the caretakers of three historic cemeteries. One located in Fernald near the intersection of New Haven Road and State Route 128, another located in the Shaker settlement area, and the third located on Atherton Road.

The New Haven Cemetery located on Oxford Road is located in the Township, but not maintained by the Township.  It is maintained by the New Haven Cemetery Association.  Katelynn Fliehman can be reached at 513.448.7974.  If you have any further questions or concerns, you can contact the Ohio Cemetery Commission at 1-614-466-4100.

SCHOOL: Crosby Elementary School is located on New Haven Road. Visit the school website at Crosby Elementary School.

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