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The Old Town Hall in Crosby Township was built in 1865 with money left over from a fund to send volunteers to take the place of drafted men who could not fight in the Civil War. The Historical Society leases the hall, located on Oxford Road in New Haven, from the township trustees in order to house the Society’s museum and research center. The Society received permission from the township trustees to renovate the building. Currently, everything has been put in storage while the Society works on the interior and exterior of the structure. The renovation is being performed by member volunteers with donations of money and materials from local businesses, organizations, and individuals. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Chuck Heis, 513 738-4343.


Melba Guard, President            (513) 367-2186
Tony Torres, Vice President
Charles Heis, Treasurer
Shirlee Morgan, Secretary

As written in our Constitution, the purpose of our Society is to encourage the preservation of historic structures and sites; identify, collect, and preserve literary, graphic and artifactual materials significant to prehistoric and historic cultures, schools, churches, businesses, and families of Crosby Township; to increase community awareness and appreciation of this heritage through documentation, educational programs and other public events; and to assist persons interested in this history by making our collected cultural resources available for study.

The Society board is governed by seven members as listed: Melba Guard, President (513 367-2186); Tony Torres, Vice President; Shirlee Morgan, Secretary; Chuck Heis, Treasurer; and three Trustees: Mike Minges, Duane Singleton, and David Roessler. The board meets on the second Thursday, March through December in the Senior Center at 7:00 p.m. 

The Society’s regular meetings are on the third Thursday, March through December in the Senior Center at 7:30 p.m. The general public is invited. The regular meeting consists of a business meeting, a presentation on various topics given by an invited speaker, and refreshments. On occasion the Society goes on field trips to interesting places. The following is a list of programs for 2018:

March 15 Show and Tell/Election of Officers

April 19 Hope Restored presented by Beverly Meyers

May 17 Doolittle Raid Over Tokyo presented by Mike Minges

June 21 The Cincinnati Courthouse Riots presented by Stephen J. Rolfes

July 19 Cincinnati Memories – Western Cincinnati presented by Jeanne Rolfes

August 16 Knollman Farms presented by Carol Colgate

September 20 Picnic at the Passmore Log Cabin (at 6:00 p.m., covered dish)

October 18 Portrayal of Mary Cunningham, the Body Snatcher's Wife presented by Joyce Browning

November 15 Germans in Cincinnati During WWI presented by Donald H. Tolzmann

December 20 Christmas Party with entertainment

Dues have been increased this year as follows: $10 per individual; $15 per family (in the same household); $100 life membership.

A check for dues should be made out to Crosby Township Historical Society and sent to Chuck Heis, CTHS, 8910 Willey Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030.

The election of officers was held at our March meeting.  Elected to the office of President was Melba Guard.  All other officers remained the same.

On Sunday May 20th, the Society participated at Crosby Day at Stricker’s Grove. To introduce ourselves to community attendees, we displayed on our reserved table our history books that could be purchased, membership brochures, and photos of the Old Town Hall renovation. Chances were sold guessing the number of cheese puffs in a jar. Craig Holder, resident of Crosby Road, won the cash prize. During the day the township sold chances to door prizes that were donated by local businesses and organizations. Diane Marcum won our door prize of a one year family membership and a copy of the Bicentennial History of Crosby Township book.


At the 103rd Memorial Day Celebration, the Society was represented by Cliff and Melba Guard who rode in the parade in Cliff’s decorated truck. During the program the two of them along with Alice Greene, Women’s Army Corps veteran, read the names of soldiers buried in the New Haven Cemetery. The Old Town Hall was open to visitors who could see a slide show on the progress of the renovation and enjoy refreshments.


On the afternoon of June 9th, the Passmore Log Cabin and the Old Town Hall were among the five locations opened to visitors for the Passport to the Past event. Historic sites also included the Governor Othniel Looker home, Harrison Historical Society’s Museum, and Whitewater Shaker Village. Participants received a passport at one of the locations and had them stamped at each one they visited. Society member volunteers at our two locations stamped passports, gave a short history of their location, and answered questions. Visitors, who had all five stamps, received a plant at the Whitewater Shaker Village.


Congratulations on New Haven’s Bicentennial, 1818 - 2018

On March 10, 1818, Joab Comstock and Charles Cone purchased 100 acres in the southwest corner of section 11 in Crosby Township. They had Joseph Sater Sr. survey 20 acres of the southwest corner of section 11 to create a village named New Haven after their home place in Connecticut. This year marks the 200th year of that event. Our Society purchased two banners to commemorate this Bicentennial which will be hanging at the log cabin and old town hall.

At their regular meeting, October 8, Township Trustee Chuck Heis read the Proclamation the trustees issued recognizing New Haven's Bicentennial. Trustee Heis then presented the document to Melba Guard, our Society's President. The trustees also purchased road signs advertising New Haven's Bicentennial. They are in place under signs designating the village of New Haven and they look great! Our sincere thanks to the trustees and the township maintenance crew in making this historic event memorable.


Congratulations to the Society!

The Society has been in the process of renovating the Old Town Hall. To continue this project, funding is needed. Several months earlier, the Society board members applied for grant money from Community Connections, a Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. program. All applications were reviewed on September 19th and grantees were notified the following day. The Society was awarded $750. This will help us continue the work yet to be done.     


15th Anniversary Picnic of the Passmore Log Cabin Reconstruction

Our annual September picnic was again held at the Passmore Log Cabin off of Baughman Road, Thursday the 20th. This year we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the cabin’s reconstruction. Good food was provided by the Society along with a special cake to honor the occasion. Member Jim Innis gave an account to the audience of how the cabin was taken down, logs numbered and stored, then rebuilt at its present location. During the festivities, music was presented by Bill Morgan on the banjo, Tamina White on the bass, and Ron White on the guitar. We would like to thank the many volunteers who made this evening so enjoyable. There are CDs of the log cabin reconstruction now available at a cost of $5 each. To purchase a CD, contact Melba Guard at 513 367-2186.





NEWSLETTERS:  Our newsletter has a new look!  It has been redesigned and in color starting with the 2018 April - June issue!  Newsletters can be picked up by members at the meeting when published.  Newsletters that are not picked up will be mailed.

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