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WEST JAD PARAMEDICS: Follow this link to learn more about the Paramedic Unit that services our area.

Excerpts in this article were taken from the Crosby Township Historical Bicentennial Book articles written by Ellen Estes. 

On January 23, 1956, a town meeting was called.  At that time, the New Baltimore Volunteer Fire Department was officially formed and election of officers followed. Those elected were: John Keppler, President, Cliff “Pete” Miller, Vice President; Lee “Ted” Baer, Secretary; Joseph Wardwell, Treasurer; Jim Merrill, Trustee; Ed Herzog, Trustee; and Ken Lewe, Trustee. These men were to be listed as officers and members on the articles of incorporation. After the election was concluded, the group voted to purchase the first fire truck.

These decisions having been made, the corporation went into action. A drive for volunteers was launched. A number of women in the community formed a Ladies Auxiliary to assist the firemen with fundraising activities and, if needed, with refreshment at fire scenes. A solicitation committee oversaw door-to-door canvassing to raise $1,000 to cover the down payment on the new fire truck. A monthly raffle was initiated, and was so successful that it was continued into the ‘60s as a regular source of income.

The articles of incorporation were received on March 20, 1956, followed by the delivery of the new fire truck on April 18. This was a new 1956 Chevrolet pumper, and it was met with great acclaim in the village upon its arrival. It was housed in a garage furnished by Frank Schuld (owner of the Family Inn).

The next item on the agenda, following the arrival of the fire truck, was the training of the firemen. This was conducted in cooperation with the Trade and Industrial Education Commission and lasted for six weeks. All members received certificates from the State of Ohio recognizing the completion of 30 hours of training on September 22, 1956. During this period of time, it became obvious that they needed to select a leader, so a motion was made to elect an acting chief. Ray Wuest was selected, and was soon installed a chief.

The Fire Station was completed and dedicated in 1960. In 1963, Trustees Lee Baer, Warren Strunk and Charlie Essert oversaw the construction of a second Fire Station built to provide additional protections for the community. This station became known as Station 28 and is located on Baughman Road in New Haven.  On October 26, 1987, a motion was made by Trustee Jim Miller, Sr. that the trustees adopt a resolution whereby the Board of Trustees of Crosby Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, would bring into being the Crosby Township Fire Department, in accordance with Ohio Revised Code. Under Section 1, the Crosby Township Fire Department would be created, including fire and life squad services. Under Section 2, the Crosby Township Fire Department, its chief, would have full authority to act for said department as provided in the statues of the State of Ohio. The aforementioned motion was seconded by Trustee Storer, approved by Trustee Strunk and passed unanimously. It was further agreed that all personnel and officers would be grandfathered in without change in status. Chief Jim Miller would answer to the Board of Trustees. He would receive a yearly salary, to be paid bi-monthly, and medical and hospitalization insurance comparable to that which he had under the previous organization. In March, 2001, the Fire Department Headquarters were relocated to Station 28 due to the population growth in the New Haven area.  

In November, 2003, the fire department entered into a contract with Fluor Daniels to provide fire protection and EMS to the Fernald facility during its cleanup and shut down. This contract allow for 24/7 staffing of the fire department. It also allowed for update of the vehicles with a new Engine, Rescue, Tanker and Staff Car. This contract ran out in 2006 and in May of 2007 a fire levy was passed that allowed for the continued 24/7 staffing.