8910 Willey Road
Crosby Township, OH  45030
Hamilton County

Phone:  513.738.1440
Fax:  513.738.4310
Email:  info@crosbytwp.org
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Three trustees have been elected for four-year terms to be the legislative authority in the Township.  Each brings unique interests to the office. 

Jim Niehaus has been elected to the position of President for 2014. He has served the residents of Crosby Township since 2005. He has lived in the Township for over 45 years and takes pride in our beautiful community. Jim has oversight of the Maintenance Department. 

Warren E. Strunk is a long-time resident of the Township and a 24 year member of the Board. He will serve as the Vice President for 2014.  He continues a Township legacy by serving as a Trustee, following his father who served as a trustee for many years. Warren oversees the Fire Department.

Chris Dole is currently serving in his third term, having been first elected in 2005.  Chris continues to communicate with residents with the hope of maintaining our quality of life and promoting a sense of pride in our community.  Chris oversees the Zoning Department and the Community Coordinator.

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WeThrive! Team
In partnership with Hamilton County Public Health, we are engaging in an initiative to create a more healthy environment right here where our residents live, work, learn and play. If you would like to be a part if this exciting team, please contact Kim at 513.738.1440.

Get the dirt on Backyard Composting
If you are interested in learning more about composting, creating the most effective compost bin, producing a valuable soil amendment for your garden or significantly reducing waste from your kitchen and yard, this seminar is for you. Join us at the Fernald Preserve located at 7400 Willey Road on May 7th at 7pm.  Call 946.7734 to register.  Compost Flyer.

Residential Recycling
There are 4 recycling bins and 1 paper recycling bin located at 9139 Baughman Road. We also have a bin at Crosby Elementary School, 8382 New Haven Road and one at the Fire Station in New Baltimore, 6985 River Road. If the bins are full, please do not leave the recycling on the ground. The bins are emptied every Monday.

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4.29.2014 - Board of Zoning Appeals
7:00pm. There will be an appeals meeting requested by Scherzinger Drilling.

4.30.2014 - Special Meeting
7:30pm. There will be a special meeting of the Trustees to discuss street lights and sidewalks in the Ft. Scott Development.

5.3.2014 and 5.4.2014- Crosby Clean Up Days
8:00am - 4:00pm.  There will be 10 dumpsters for junk and 1 dumpster for tires located at the Fire Station in New Haven, 9139 Baughman Road. The maintenance department will be there to help unload if necessary.

5.18.2014. Crosby Day at Strickers Grove
1:00pm - 8:00pm.  Join us for a fantasticly fun day at Strickers Grove for only $2 per person (age 2 and under free). Enjoy the rides, facepainting and the many booths. At 4:00, there will be arts and crafts in the shelter. Please support our Scouts and PTA by purchasing food from them.